Friday, March 9, 2007


There are SOME PEOPLE who are getting smarty assed about the frequency of my blog entries, I see. Even if I just talked to everybody already by phone. Just call me old fashioned.
Or maybe shy.
(These same people are laughing now)
Do I want to send my innermost opinions and ruminations out there into the ether where it will be circulated and read with rabid interest for the next 200 years?
Perhaps something I say will result in a multitude of heads bobbing in unified agreement, as the hoi polloi rejoice in the edification my sage words have brought to their desultory lives.
Or maybe this is just the place to rant, impotently, like in the rest of my life.
In short, what is the purpose of this blog; that has been my reluctance. It requires time and effort, both extremely valuable commodities these days, as I rush past middle age and make my final charge towards the Gates of All Knowing. Boy, I'll sure be glad to get there, 'cause I'm getting mighty confused about a few things in this 'ere life. Just in my itty bitty one; don't even get me started on the world at large!

In view of this breathless chase called living, time....ah time....(sigh) better be used well. I will now devote a precious 30 minutes or so and wax philo' on the following:

So lately, I've heard back from the N.Y. fiasco which brings up the subject....'The Damages Greed Filled Charlatans are Foisting on Nouveau Riche Would-Be Art Collectors who
Erroneously Believe They are Investing ' or 'Calling it Original Art: The Usurped Entitlement of Artists'. I don't have to write the blog. I think the title says it all.

Buyer beware, of course; most collectors will check the specs on their artwork. It just pisses me off to see evidence of the growing industry of factory art going on. I'd say you get what you paid for, but many of these companies seem to command an incredible price for this piecemeal 'art' that in turn, pays the 'artist' 3rd world factory wages.

Sure it has nothing to do with art, why worry. But they are getting 'placement' in venues right next to ART - the kind where ARTISTS are trying to make a living by their ART - piggybacking to lend credibility - and it is sucking off a large percentage of the wallspace purchases, all over the world.

There will always be bad taste - and the majority rules, in this case. It's just sad, real sad. It's an example of our freedom biting us in the ass - the freedom to call anything art. We don't want parameters, rules, judgments - no art could flourish under a regime like that. But then we get the flip on that - really crummy garbage that exploits both producer and client.
It's just a shame, that's all.

There. I've ranted. Edifying? Not really. Change anything? Nope. I'm gonna go on painting and they're gonna go on painting and we'll all meet at those gates, where, I hope, there's gonna be some x'planin'.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

New York to L.A.

Well, here's something. Seems March 1 marks the day I will be coast to coast, U.S. of A.
Some new aero surr-realities for ArtExpo New York will be shown at my gallery's booth, 'Autumn Brook Gallery' from Vancouver. At the very same time, I will have a piece on the other edge, at L.A.' s fabulous 'La Luz de Jesus Gallery' for their 'Everything But the Kitchen Sync' group show.
I, that is my corporeal self, however, will be comfortably at home with the cats during all the festivities. They (the cats) don't let me out much off leash.
Watch for news of a show of my classic car paintings on the Sunshine Coast, B.C. this summer. It will coincide with and 'actual' classic car show up there in August. Me and the cats are going to begin work on that one soon.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

First Post

This is the first post, and here's a link to my website and MySpace.