Sunday, February 11, 2007

New York to L.A.

Well, here's something. Seems March 1 marks the day I will be coast to coast, U.S. of A.
Some new aero surr-realities for ArtExpo New York will be shown at my gallery's booth, 'Autumn Brook Gallery' from Vancouver. At the very same time, I will have a piece on the other edge, at L.A.' s fabulous 'La Luz de Jesus Gallery' for their 'Everything But the Kitchen Sync' group show.
I, that is my corporeal self, however, will be comfortably at home with the cats during all the festivities. They (the cats) don't let me out much off leash.
Watch for news of a show of my classic car paintings on the Sunshine Coast, B.C. this summer. It will coincide with and 'actual' classic car show up there in August. Me and the cats are going to begin work on that one soon.

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